Russian NTV journalist refuses to lie about protests and resigns


Konstantin Smirnov received a good post for a young journalist on an NTV programme at New Year.  For the first two months, his work was not connected with politics at all, then in March he was moved to the programme “Extraordinary Event” and on 8 May went with a film crew to the Abai Monument.  He says that they photographed people being detained and he taped on his mobile a 30-minute interview with Ksenya Sobchak (one of those detained – translator).  A colleague rang almost immediately inviting him to use the material for the NTV programme basically trying to blacken the reputation of the protesters who have since late autumn last year been protesting over rigged elections and Putin’s third term as president.

He says there was nothing negative in the interview, so presumably it was going to be cut up and used as a part of a montage.

His friends all support the protesters, he was basically asked to go along to the protests in order to provide material for programmes aimed at presenting the protesters in a negative light.

He refused.

16 May was his last day at NTV. 

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