Belarusian asylum seeker may be facing deportation from Poland


Andrej Pyżyk, a former investigator for the Belarusian police, has been detained by the Polish police and measures would seem to be underway for his deportation in the next 3-5 days.

According to Andrej Pyżyk fled to Poland after the authorities tried to force him to fabricate evidence against an opposition figure, Alexander Kamarouski. He has also informed of other cases where evidence was fabricated by police investigators against opponents of the regime.  He was apparently also one of the experts in the Bielsat film Terror in a Country of Peace  about the Minsk bombing.  The film casts doubt over the investigation into the bombing which led earlier this year to two young men being executed despite protest and calls for mercy from within the country and abroad.  After this, Andrej Pyżyk was placed on the Interpol wanted list by the Belarusian authorities.

His wife says that yesterday her husband who is living in Brwinów outside Warsaw was visited by a police officer who asked him to come in for a talk regarding problems with his documents applying for refugee status.  There it turned out that he was to be deported within the next few days to Belarus.

His wife says that he had time only to say that he had been detained in connection with his part in the film. 

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