Parliamentary committee wants explanation about SBU surveillance of journalist


Olena Bondarenko from the Party of the Regions who is and Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Freedom of Speech has promised that the statement issued by the Internet publication Ukrainska Pravda regarding harassment by the Security Service [SBU] will be considered at the Committee’s next meeting.  Bondarenko said that the Committee was obliged to pay particular attention to any such information. She said however that they would also be bearing in mind the SBU’s statement that its surveillance is lawful.

As reported, on Friday Olena Prytula, Chief Editor of Ukrainska Pravda accused the SBU of harassing one of their journalists, saying that they had information that the journalist was under surveillance and that his mobile phone was being tapped.

She explained that the journalist in question knew three of the four people arrested by the SBU on suspicion of organizing the explosions in Dnipropetrovsk in April.  He had tried to contact their relatives to find out more about what was going on. The relatives are obviously worried and refused to talk with him about the case. However on 20 June, having just arrived in Dnipropetrovsk, he was taken by SBU officers to the SBU and kept there till evening, with his bag held in the boot of the SBU car. More about the case and about the worrying implications of the SBU actions can be found in English here

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