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In Memory of the Victims of the Warsaw Ghetto


Remembrance Procession 

70 years ago, on 22 July 1942 the Nazis began their monstrous Großaktion Warschau, the supposed “resettlement”, but in fact murder of the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto.   Over the next weeks, between a quarter of a million and 300 thousand men, women and children were ordered to assemble at Umschlagsplatz and from there sent to the Treblinka Death Camp.

Those murdered included the children of a number of orphanages, including the 192 children who died together with renowned pedagogue, doctor and writer Janusz Korczak, Stefania Wilczyńska and others.  2012 has been declared Year of Janusz Korczak by Poland’s Children’s Ombudsperson.

In the evening of 22 July a Remembrance Procession will take place in Warsaw which the organizers would like to be a symbolic procession from death to life.  It will begin at Umschlagsplatz – the collection point in 1942 where people were herded onto overcrowded cattle trains headed for the gas chambers and will end at the Dom Sierot – Orphanage on Jaktorowska St which Janusz Korczak created and in which he worked for 30 years. 

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