“Why you shouldn’t vote for Party of the Regions” leaflet riles police


Why you shouldn’t vote for the Party of the Regions.  The boxes give reasons why the authors believe the reader should not vote for that Party.   There is nothing about whom they should vote for.

On 2 August six people were detained in the Mykolaiv oblast for sticking up leaflets against the ruling Party of the Regions. One of the members of the Vidsich movement Kateryna Chepura told Ukrainska Pravda that three people from the Mykolaiv oblast had been taken to the Zavodsky Police Station, while three other members of the movement had had protocols drawn up in the Central Market district and were then also taken to the police station.

The police explained their actions as because the leaflets didn’t have an issue number of size of the print run.

“At first they said that it was in breach of the public view. When we asked them to show us where it’s written that we were disturbing the public view, they couldn’t do so. They began talking about Article 152 of the Code of Administrative Offences in which they also couldn’t show us anything”, Ms Chepura said.

“Now they’re showing us the Law on the Elections where you can’t circulate political campaigning material without the print run. Since this isn’t political campaigning  it doesn’t apply to our offence either”. She is adamant that there were no legitimate grounds for detaining them and yet protocols were drawn up.  She promises that they will appeal the actions in court and with the Prosecutor’s office. 

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