More peaceful protesters detained, this time in Simferopol


The police in Simferopol have detained two activists from the campaign “Revenge for Dividing Ukraine” – Kateryna Chepura and Yury Shyval.

The police came up to the activists after they’d stopped handing out leaflets explaining why people should not vote for the Party of the Regions and its candidate for single-mandate electoral district No. 1 Vitalina Dzoz.

The activists were first taken to a control point, then to the police stations where administrative offence protocols were drawn up. They are charged with distributing campaigning material without issue details. The protocols will be considered in the Central District Court of Simferopol on Monday.

According to Kateryna Chepura, the police tried to take the leaflets away, but the activists refused to hand them over.

The police claim that they didn’t detain the activists, but merely “invited them to the police station for a talk”.

On 3 August 5 activists from the Vidsich movement were detained in Sevastopol for distributing leaflets against Party of the Regions candidate Vadim Kolesnichenko.

As reported already, on 2 August six people were detained in the Mykolaiv oblast for sticking up leaflets against the ruling Party of the Regions. Kateryna Chepura who is also a member of Vidsich told Ukrainska Pravda that three people from the Mykolaiv oblast had been taken to the Zavodsky Police Station , while three other members of the movement had had protocols drawn up in the Central Market district and were then also taken to the police station.

The police explained their actions as because the leaflets didn’t have an issue number of size of the print run. Ms Chepura asserts that the police tried different pretexts before fixing on this last reason based on election legislation. The movement denies that their protest is about election campaigning. 

The leaflet above was that distributed in the Mykolaiv region.  The title reads: Why you shouldn’t vote for the Party of the Regions, and the boxes give reasons why the authors believe the reader should not vote for that Party.   There is nothing about whom they should vote for. 

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