Knyazhytsky invites regional channels to broadcast beleaguered TVi material for free


Following questionable moves by the provider Triolan which came close on the heels of an attempt to bring charges of tax evasion against TVi’s Director, at very least 200 thousand Ukrainian viewers have been deprived of access to the channel.  Over the last two years, TVi has become one of the last sources of information critical of the government

TVi Director Mykola Knyazhytsky has suggested on his Facebook page that  those who thought up this latest attempt to restrict freedom of speech are in fact doing President Yanukovych and the “family” (family and close associates of Yanukovych widely seen as gaining control in the country) no favours. Such encroachments on freedom of speech, he says, will not go unnoticed, reflecting badly not only on the President, but on all those who carry out criminal orders.

He suggests a “worthy” response.

“”We are therefore proposing that all local television channels can broadcast any of our programmes on any scale free of charge or for one hryvnia.

He tells readers that they can contact him via facebook or at mk[at]

“It’s clear that we will win. In the modern world totalitarian dinosaurs are dying out”. 

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