“You Have the Right to Know” website forced out of Ukraine


The host company has broken its contract with the website “You Have the Right to Know” claiming that this is a political party or movement, effectively because it writes about politics. The website, in order to ensure the safety of its data, is being forced out of Ukraine. .

On 7 August the Administration of Hosting Ukraine accused the You Have the Right to Know team of infringing host rules and demanded immediate removal of the infringements. A representative of the company said that it was prohibited to post sites of political parties and political movements.

The website You Have the Right to Know wrote in explanation that they were neither a political party nor a political movement, and that they were registered by the Justice Ministry as a media resource.

The response from the host company was that they were in breach of the rules since they were a site about politics.

Відповідь адміністрації «Хостинг Україна» була категоричною: сайт «Маєш Право Знати» порушує правила хостингу, оскільки є сайтом про політику. На що ми зауважили, в умовах договору ніде не вказано, що заборонено розміщувати матеріали, які стосуються політики. Після цього нам було наголошено, що згідно договору (публічної оферти) виконавець має право у будь-який час в односторонньому порядку відмовитись від обслуговування, тому у нас є рівно 2 дні на те, щоб повністю залишити хостинг.
The You Have the Right to Know team point out that it is nowhere stated that they should not write about politics.

Since they cannot afford to risk their resources by continuing to work with a host company which treats clients in such fashion, they have decided to seek a host company outside Ukraine.

They are convinced that the situation is no accident, and believe that pressure was put on the host company to stop servicing their site. 

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