EC concerned over refusal to register Tymoshenko and Lutsenko for elections


European Commission spokesperson Peter Stano stated on Tuesday at a press conference::

"As we said already last week, we noted the decision of the Central Election Commission not to allow Mr Lutsenko and Ms Tymoshenko to run in the parliament election this autumn. We are of course following this closely and these developments are not helping to improve the climate in the relations between the EU and Ukraine."

"As you know, there are several concerns that the EU, the Commission and the member states have when it comes to Ukraine specifically in the areas of the rule of law, the judiciary and the selective use of justice, and we have specified when we have been in contact with our Ukrainian partners that any improvement depends on their efforts in three areas: one of them is of course the conduct of parliament elections, and everything in relation to parliament elections, and the decision of the Central Election Commission from last week is of course not helping, " Stano said.

"It’s unfortunately a logical consequence of the trials which have been conducted against these two people. We say we are concerned there’s a selective use of justice and the law has been used to persecute political opponents which is not acceptable. It’s not according to European values or European principles, and the Ukrainian authorities need to address this, " the Commission spokesperson continued.

"Our position is that the Ukrainian authorities really need to address issues among others of the parliament elections which need to be free and fair and done according to international standards. Based on the conduct of these elections and everything that will precede and happen afterwards in relation to this election, we will then access our relations and proceed accordingly, " he added.

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