Kirovohrad Regional Governor campaigning for Party of the Regions candidate


OPORA election monitors report that Oleksandr Shatalov, Party of the Regions candidate in the No. 90 single-mandate electoral district is pinning his chances on street campaigning and support from the Governor of the Kirovohrad oblast, Serhiy Larin (Party of the Regions).

The brochure which Shatalov’s campaigners are handing out contains an appeal to Kirovohrad residents from the Governor Serhiy Larin.  This describes the candidate in positive terms and calls on Kirovohrad residents to vote for him.

“My word to each Kirovohrad resident: if you believe me then I call on all of you to believe in Oleksandr Shatalov’s success and his victory for the good of Kirovohrad and its people”.  There is a note stating that these words were spoken by Larin at a meeting of the Kirovohrad regional Party of the Regions Council on 19 July 2012. OPORA points out that legally the appeal does not breach the law on the elections since it’s presented as a quote. In fact, of course,  a public official is using his official authority to campaign for a party colleague. 

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