Ukrainian Language requirements removed from licence documents


One of the many peaceful protests against the language law roughly dispersed (in Cherkasy)

The National TV and Radio Broadcasting Council has removed the language section from the new application forms for the issue and renewal of licences.  Up till now the form had a section asking which language(s) were to be broadcast in and the percentage of broadcasting time in the particular language.

The new documents are in connection with the entry into force of the highly controversial Law on the Principles of State Language Policy

According to the Law TV channels and radio stations may at their own discretion broadcast in the State language, regional or minority languages, and they decide themselves how much each language is used.

The law also stipulates that the “State guarantees freedom of direct transmission of radio and TV programmes from neighbouring countries”.  No obstructions are to be placed on such broadcasting.

Telekritika notes that the leading partner of the Jummex Law Firm, Yury Krainyak wrote in an article for the publication that should the law be signed and come into effect, that the Ukrainian language could disappear from television altogether. 

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