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New fears that a Ukrainian-speaking class could be closed in Donetsk


In Donetsk members of an initiative group of parents whose children are studying in the only 10th grade class with Ukrainian language tuition at the Harmony classical school (gymnaziya) are concerned that the class may be closed. Teachers have shown them a letter signed by the Head of Education of the Leninsky District Council in Donetsk, Larisa Rasporska. The letter was sent to school heads in the district and warns that classes where there are less than 25 students will not be allowed to run.

At present this tenth grade class is the only one in the Leninsky District where all tuition is in Ukrainian.  If the class closes, there is nowhere to move the students to.  The parents are prepared to defend their children’s right to continue studying in their school and point out that the same law cited by Ms Rasporska also states that 5 students are enough for a class to exist. UNIAN approached Ms Rasporska who said that there had been no talk of closing the class and she doesn’t know where they get their information from.

Reported from UNIAN

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