Fictitious candidates already leaving the scene?


In the Donetsk region, single-mandate electoral district No. 52 two candidates who had put themselves forward with the same last name Shkyrya have withdraw their candidacy.

The two – Oksana Shkyrya and Viktor Shkyrya both submitted their documents for registration on 13 August. And by 18 August both had withdrawn themselves. Both live in Dzherzynsk which is within this district.  One is a heating system plumber, the other is unemployed.

Committee of Voters of Ukraine observers, working in partnership with OPORA, are monitoring the elections note that the main rivals are V. Protsenko from the Communist Party and MP Ihor Shkirya from the Party of the Regions. They believe it possible that the two people who first registered then removed their candidacy are technical candidates there to get votes from the real candidate with almost the same name.  

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