Luhansk CVU reports electoral infringements


The Luhansk Regional Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] reports an infringement of Article 68 § 6 of the Law on the Parliamentary Elecitons during the ceremonial passing of a refuge collector to the village of Koshary. The vehicle was bought with public funding, however it had a Party of the Regions banner on it.

CVU points out that the law regards use of symbols and logos of parties who are taking part in the elections as political advertising.

It states that not only was there a legal infringement in this case, but also an illegitimate use of administrative resources since the Head of the Antratsyt District Administration and the Head of the Andratsyk District Council were present at the ceremony.

The Luhansk Regional CVU also points to an infringement of Article 66 § 2 of the Law. On 23 August the Luhansk Regional TV Channel broadcast a news item which CVU calls false and damaging to the opposition’s reputation.

Claims that « parliamentary candidates have been cloned in the Luhansk oblast » were broadcast on a news programmes at 18, 19 and 22.00 on 23 August. The report could also be found on the official website :

CVU calls some of the information about the alleged use of doubles false.  The report states that “Responsible political forces stress that tricks by the opposition are pointless and no attempts at dishonestly waging the elections will give the opposition the result they want.”

The same State-owned channel claimed that there were 10 doubles for four candidates. Two of them have one person with the same name, while the other two don’t have any. .

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