Journalist Union opens hot line to report cases of pressure during the elections


Ukraine’s National Union of Journalists has issued an appeal to all players in the elections stressing that it is vital that voters have every opportunity to properly assess the worth and trustworthiness of parliamentary candidates.

They call on fellow journalists to strictly follow electoral legislation, the Code of Professional Ethics for Ukrainian Journalists and to not allow the settling of scores between particular journalists and media sources in print or on air.

They urge candidates to refrain from prohibited means of influencing the electoral process with the use of members of the press, and media owners to not use their media publications as a means of achieving political ends.

They call on the authorities and bodies of local self-government  who own media publications to reject efforts to use administrative pressure on the editorial offices of the newspapers, radio stations and TV channels and not push them to break the law.

The Union is introducing a hot line where journalists and editorial offices can inform of pressure linked with the elections. It says that it is ready to provide legal assistance to its colleagues and to draw the public’s attention to cases where journalists’ professional activities are obstructed. 

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