TVi: Tax authorities looking for a pretext for a new check


In a statement issued on Thursday,   TVi accused the tax authorities of choosing a path which would enable them to ignore the current ban on scheduled checks of the media and carry out another check.

TVi says that on 10 September the channel received another letter from the Tax Inspectorate. The letter asks the channel to provide documents “on questions linked with line 24 of the remainder of the negative value on VAT” from 2008 to July this year.  The channel asserts that it is demanding the same documents which it has already checked during the unscheduled check of the channel, took away with them and which they have already received copies of from the channel on many occasions. “In other words they tax people are again demanding that TVi provides them with virtually the same documents which they already have”.

The statement points out that a ban is presently in force, and says that this applies to scheduled checks. It asserts that the tax authorities are therefore seeking a pretext for an unscheduled check. 

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