Crimean CVU spurns dubious “Supervisory Council”


The Crimean Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] states that it is not planning to join the Supervisory Council (on Lawfulness and Transparency in Running the Election Campaign) created under the Crimean Parliament.

CVU in the Crimea explains its position as being because the given association of civic organizations show certain signs suggesting that the main task of the supervisory council will not be to identify electoral infringements but to make statements that the elections have passed under public supervision and without infringements.

One of the main indicators of the artificial nature of the formation of the supervisory council is the absolute lack of competence of the initiators of this process in issues of electoral legislation and the specific features of political processes. Not one of the organizations which has joined the Supervisory Council has previously been involved in monitoring elections, furthermore a considerable percentage have not taken any part at all in public life in the Crimea over the last several years.

“What kind of monitoring of legality can there be if the head of this association mixes up precinct commissions with the Central Election Commission? It’s like a plumber deciding to monitor whether the most complex medical operations are being carried out properly”, the Head of the Crimean Branch of CVU, Andriy Krysko comments.

The lack of clearly formulated methods for observing observance of the law and transparency in the election campaign a month and a half before the elections also demonstrates the “technical nature” of the given initiative. Simply following this through a telephone hot line and publications in the media, as the Supervisory Council is planning, is not enough, CVU believes, to make a balanced assessment of how honest and democratic the elections were.

Another reason for the CVU’s refusal to take part is the information published in various media sources suggesting that the head of the Supervisory Council, Ivan Abazher is himself the head of a Crimean election headquarters for the party Ukraina – vpered.

CVU says that it will be closely observing the activities of this civic association and its activities during the parliamentary election campaign. 

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