Assaulted journalist told to look for assailants himself


 Dmytro Volkov, a journalist from the TV programme “Hroshi” [Money] on 1 + 1 was told by the investigators following the attack on him to investigate the crime himself.  As reported, Mr Volkov was attacked by 2 assailants on 26 September.  He had felt that he was being followed when he left work that evening and changed route home only to arrive and find the same person he’d seen near his work waiting for him.  Another young man came up, said “You won’t go to Vyshhorod any more” and punched him.  The journalist lost consciousness and only came to after passers-by called him an ambulance.  Over the last few months Mr Volkov had been investigating “deriban” – appropriation of state property, here land – in the Vyshhorod  district and he and his colleagues believe the attack was related to that.

According to a feature on the Money programme, the day after the attack there was a great deal of publicity over the attack and the Minister of the Interior was reported as having taken it under his control.

By the next day the media interest subsided.  The police took to investigating the attack as “hooliganism”, although all experts believed it was clear that Article 171 – obstructing a journalist – was appropriate.

Volkov drew up an identikit picture of the assailant. He and his colleagues also obtained a video where the journalist was able to identify a person he said was at least very like his assailant. 

The video was attached to his file. Then the investigators suggested that the journalists themselves stick up the photo of the suspect around Vyshhorod and get official explanations from the young guys present at those gatherings.

The Money programme suggests that the police are not hurrying because some police have land in the outfit whose machinations Volkov was investigating. 

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