ENEMO criticizes lack of transparency in Ukrainian elections


At a press conference on Thursday 11 October to present its second monitoring report, the Observation Mission for the European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations expressed concern over the non-transparent work of district electoral commissions and a large number of changes of members of precinct electoral commissions.

Maya Mylykych, Deputy Head of the ENEMO Mission explained that their conclusions were based on 272 reports from long-term observers who focused their attention on the running of the election campaign; the formation and activities of electoral commissions; the media situation; and official complaints linked with the elections.

The report states that while meetings of the Central Election Commission are open to observers, the media and political parties, access to the real process of decision making is limited.

According to the Head of the Mission, Peter Novotny, “the system of meetings behind closed doors and lack of access to draft documents restricts the right of members of political parties to fully participate in the decision making process.”

He did, however, welcome the recent CEC decision to restrict possible mass migration of voters from one single-mandate electoral district to another.

Mr Novotny said also that the latest decision of the CEC to change the draw procedure for precinct electoral commissions had not ensured standardized and transparent implementation of procedure by district commissions, with this resulting in varied implementation of CEC directives and the process of formation of PEC being disorganized.

“Elmir Tsamych, Coordinator of the Long-term Observers, say that “the large number of replacements by technical parties and party confrontation is having an adverse effect on the work of electoral commissions. Cases of pressure, meetings behind closed doors and restricted access by observers to documentation arouse serious concern regarding the transparency and fairness of the elections”

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