Public opinion monitors sued


The Sociological Association of Ukraine has issued a statement over the law suit lodged against sociological services. 

It calls the law suit filed by parliamentary candidate Natalya Korolevska unprecedented.  She is demanding that the Kyiv Institute of Sociology and Democratic Initiatives Foundation be banned from publishing the results of public opinion surveys which she claims do not correspond to the real situation.

They express regret at this attempt to assess an academic study with the aid of the civil procedure code.

Leaving aside issues regarding whether such a law suit is democratic, and how it stands in relation to people’s right to information, they ask what court would take it upon itself to assess the scientific, methodological standards, procedure etc.

The authors of the statement acknowledge that there are a fair number of dodgy “results” from companies that sociologists have scarcely heard of.  They also point  out that sociology must not simply be narrowed to such public opinion surveys. It is also, they say, incorrect to see all Ukrainian sociologists as in a conspiracy to make it difficult for one party to enter parliament,

The two companies facing the law have fully demonstrated their scientific reputation and objectivity.

They express full support for their colleagues and stress the inadmissibility of any attempts to restrict freedom of academic thought. 

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