Public sector workers complain of being coerced to vote for Party of the Regions


  In the Krasnogvardiysk District of Dnipropetrovsk civil servants say that they and their relatives are being forced to vote for the Party of the Regions. Members of staff of the territorial social services centre say that they were made to give written statements of support for the Party of the Regions at the elections and to provide personal data. The opposition has demanded that the police become involved. Meanwhile the head of the institution denies any pressure on subordinates and in the district council they say that perhaps people “misunderstood”.

Radio Svoboda’s source in the Social Services Centre was frightened to give her real name. She says that on Thursday morning the management gathered up 15 employees, forcing them to sign a commitment that they personally and members of their families would vote for the Party of the Regions. The social workers were also made to give the addresses and contact details of members of the family.  She says that from fear of losing their jobs, they signed.

She says that they were brought papers where they had to write their full name, address, who was registered at their flat and “I vote for the Party of the Regions”.  The others at the address were also supposed to. “We were presented with a choice. They threatened big problems. We’re public sector workers, subjugated people. There was probably an instruction from higher up. All of those present wrote it. They were indignant, hesitated but wrote it. “

Radio Svoboda quotes individuals from both the territorial centre management and the district council who give long denials.

Outraged social workers turned for help to lawyers from the opposition reception centre. Lawyer Oleksy Vasylenko considers the incident to flagrantly violate a number of laws and has already prepared a report of a crime to the Prosecutor’s Office.

On Friday opposition members of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council demanded that the police investigate cases of pressure against public sector workers and punish those responsible.

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