OPORA official observer refused registration


On Tuesday a member of the District Electoral Commission for No. 95 (which has its centre in Irpin, Kyiv oblast) informed that the application from the civic network OPORA for registration of an official observer for the electoral district had been turned down. 

The reason given was that the person with authorization from OPORA had left a copy of this document, and not the original. OPORA states that in fact at the first the person did give the original.  Nor, it points out, does Article 78 of the Law on the Parliamentary Elections require presentation of this document, whether an original or copy.

There have already been cases where the Central Election Committee has revoked resolutions from district electoral commissions refusing to register observers. However there is now not enough time for such procedure.

OPORA notes that this is not the first time that attempts have been made by DEC to obstruct observers from registering. This time, on receipt of the official refusal, OPORA will turn to the court. 

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