Free and Fair Elections? Court bans meetings in Kyiv centre till 12 November


If the information from the Coalition of Participants in the Orange Revolution reported by Ukrainska Pravda is true, then he District Administrative Court in Kyiv has banned any mass events, other than those organized by the authorities in the centre of Kyiv up till 12 November inclusive.

The respondent in the case was the Coalition which had submitted notification of a plan to hold an indefinite protest from Sunday (i.e. Election Day) on Maidan Nezalezhnosti [Independence Square].

Other respondents did not appear in court where the ruling was issued on Saturday evening.

The report states that he court, taking into consideration the danger of conflict between organizations with diametrically opposed views has decided to ban any mass events (other than State events) up till 12 November inclusive.

If this is indeed true, then the court has banned any protests on Independence Square, outside the Central Election Commission or other state institutions from now, on the eve of Election Day to 12 November. 

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