Berkut riot police storm election commission, remove protocols


The Mykolaiv Internet publication NikVesti reports (and provides video coverage online) that a considerable contingent of Berkut riot police have stormed the premises where No. 132 District Election Commission was meeting. “Berkut officers burst right into the meeting hall, on their way hitting people with their batons, and took out a bag with protocols and ballot papers”.

Their correspondent at the site told the publication that the Berkut men were hitting people, members of the DEC and journalists.

“Our correspondent reports that during the violent storm of DEC 132, the Berkut officers, together with Party of the Regions MP Serhiy Maiboroda took away the Head of the DEC and the commission’s stamp!”

As reported earlier, after 100% of the votes had been counted and the CEC site had informed that Batkivshchyna (United Opposition) candidate Arkady Kornatsky had won, this changed, and the Deputy Governor and member of the Party of the Regions, Vitaly Travyanko was announced the winner. Representatives of the opposition candidate assert that they have evidence that the change occurred because votes of other candidates were counted as being for Travyanko.

The CEC official results now put Travyanko ahead by 232 votes.

Please see the video footage here

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