Cherkasy election district results remain in limbo


OPORA reports that the situation at District Election Commission [DEC] No. 194 in Cherkasy remains unresolved despite the fact that by 3 November two protocols had been signed and stamped, and the results officially announced. However the final documents have not been taken to the Central Election Commision [CEC] because, firstly, the head of the DEC Olha Kozko has been taken by ambulance to hospital and only she knows the secret password for completing the final documentation. Secondly, the new chair Vasyl Mykolenko, member of the DEC from the Ukrainian People’s Party [Lytvyn’s party and part of the ruling majority in the old parliament – translator) has still not held a meeting. Since the head of the DEC must take the documents to the CEC, and he needs to receive CEC legiitimization, the DEC has sent the relevant application and is now awaiting the response.

MP (from BYUT) Lesya Orobets has also reported a violations of electoral legislation to the Prosecutor General against the head of the DEC which stopped the vote count in the electoral district.

According to the CEC website,   DEC No. 194 had processed all 100% of the protocols from precinct election commissions on 1 November, however there was an intense battle between Mykola Bulatetsky [from Batkivshchyna or the United Opposition) and Valentina Zhukovska, with the latter, according to the CEC website having 12, 373 less votes.  

Worth mentioning that on the evening of 2 November when the ambulance was called for the head of the DEC, Olha Kozko, it was decided to take her to hospital (with high blood pressure and poor cardiogram results “however the head first hid the stamp and the keys from the safe and didn’t want to hand them over. Therefore when they wanted to take her out on a stretcher, those present tried to block the doors. Police officers broke the door down and the electricity went off”.  OPORA notes then that fortunately the situation did not result in a fight, Kozko was taken to hospital and the stamp and keys were found.  Not, however, the password….

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