Andreas Gross: Ukraine already an authoritarian regime


  The Head of the PACE Observers and head of the Group of Socialists in the PACE, Andreas Gross has told Ukrainsky Tyzhden that he believes Ukraine is not moving towards authoritarianism, but has already got there.

“The fact that the ruling party disregards the State’s autonomy, and big business interests dominate in electoral legislation and politics, and the fact that the general interest is forgotten in favour of specific private economic interests – all these are indicators of something that exists now, and won’t just appear in the future”, he said.

Asked how the nature and course of the parliamentary election campaign compared with that of 2007, Mr Gross said that the short answer was that they were witnessing the growth of authoritarianism.

“Today oligarchs and money have even more power than in 2007, they control the state sphere”. He added that amendments to electoral legislation had strengthened their influence and position at these elections.

“Money has become stronger and more influential, while the public feel marginalized and ever more removed from the process. Far more people than in 2007 do not see their choice in the parliament elected in October 2012”. 

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