Sharp food reduction in Ukraine’s prisons


According to an article by Andrei Sanarovych in the Crimean version of Komentari, since the end of September almost all purchases of vegetables in Ukrainian prison colonies and SIZO [remand units] have been cancelled.  The author writes that the majority of tenders for potatoes; onion; beetroot; carrots; cabbage and tomatoes have been cancelled leaving prisoners without vegetables up till January. The reasons given vary, including “the lack of further need to purchase goods”.

On 26 September the Kharkiv SIZO turned down 286 thousand kilograms of potatoes, intended to last through December.

A day later Poltava prison colony No. 64 rejected 108 thousand kilograms of potatoes.

Then No. 90 in the Kherson oblast turned down tens of thousands of kilograms of carrots and other vegetables. 

The same happened in No. 88 (Zaporizhya oblast); No. 25 (Kharkiv oblast); No. 10 (Kherson oblast); 69 (Poltava oblast) and the Luhansk SIZO.

The phrase about the lack of further need to buy the goods appeared in different places, however the author believes that reason is more likely a sharp reduction in State or oblast funding.  This might not be an official reduction in the State Penitentiary Service’s funding. Since June, the author writes, a number of ministerial bodies simply had their accounts frozen. 

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