Tax police move in on husband of prominent opposition MP


  On Tuesday tax officers from the State Tax Administration carried out a search of Phoenix Capital Investment LLC whose founder and head of the board is Oleksandr Omelchuk, husband of the BYUT MP Lesya Orobets.  The Tax Administration has denied claims by members of the opposition that the measures are politically motivated and that officers in masks were involved.  It claims that the search was authorized by the Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office and is over suspected forgery of Phoenix Capital’s papers of association.

Ms Orobets asserts that it was only at the insistence of an MP that employees who were, she says. “effectively hostages” for 4 hours, were shown a document authorizing the search.

The Tax Administration maintains that the investigation is into a Cyprus-based company registered under a false name and that there is no politics involved.  Members of the opposition are unconvinced. 

From reports at Ukrainska Pravda and Interfax-Ukraine

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