First December Initiative scathing of caricature-like elections


The First December Initiative, which is formed of a number of highly respected Ukrainian intellectuals including former political prisoners, the former Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has issued a statement concerning the recent parliamentary elections.

“From ther results of the voting we most of all feel greater hope about the healthy forces in our society, those who have not become indifferent, did not sell their votes and in any fraught situations did not allow over crooks into parliament. In Ukraine there is a national and democratic spirit and its force prevails.

We see that the regime’s assurances that the elections would be impeccably democratic were empty words. Greed overcomes reason. Folly and a sense of impunity prompted many scoundrels blinded by power to try vote rigging, intimidation and violence against journalists.

We are outraged by the involvement of the enforcement bodies in the election process. Demonstrative infringements negated the democratic nature of the elections. The responsibility for this lies with those in power, headed by the President.

The farce with the vote count over many days, the fear of peaceful gatherings, the fiddling of the results – all these turn the image of a confident regime into a scandalous caricature which staggers people in Ukraine and the world.

Pressure on MPs already elected seems particularly cynical.

We sense disquiet in society and see expressions of people’s will to defend their vote.

We call on all political forces who are united by national and democratic values to act in such a way as to justify people’s faith and hopes.”

The authors stress however that it is for the entire nation to engage in the task of achieving a democratic and just system  and promise in the near future to publish a Ukrainian Charter of Free Individuals. In this Charter they wish to present their view of what should be done as a united community through collective efforts. 

“The guarantee of success for our joint national expectations must be faith that with God’s help and through sincere cooperation of the entire nation we will overcome difficulties and achieve real victory”.

Vyacheslav Brykhovetsky

Ivan Dziuba

Bohdan Havrylyshyn

Volodymyr Horbulin

Cardinal Lyubomir Huzar

Myroslav Marynovych

Myroslav Popovych

Vadim Skurativsky

Yevhen Sverstyuk

Ihor Yukhnovsky

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