A Squalid Start


The NGO CHESNO reports that their monitoring of the first week of the new parliament showed up numerous infringements of Verkhovna Rada Regulations regarding written and electronic registrations; cases where MP did not vote in person, as well as changes in political position, flouting the will of the voters. Furthermore, in joining certain parliamentary factions, the MPs in question (who put themselves forward in majority constituencies) went with parties which did not have majority support in their electoral districts.

Once again spurning personal voting

CHESNO’s photographer recorded at least 7 instances where 6 MPs voted for other MPs.  This, of course, also means that 6 other MPs handed over their cards to members of their party.

As reported, the first infringers of the only just passed bill on personal voting were Party of the Regions MPs.  Yury Voropaev was seen “voting” for Vitaly Kalyuzhny and Volodymyr Malyshev for Yevhen Heller.  Malyshev also voted for another MP on the second day, together with 4 other MPs.

At least 2 turncoats (“tushki”) in 2 days of the new parliament’s work

Oleksandr Tabalov and his son, Andriy, were both elected as representing the Batkivshchyna Party, but refused to join that party in parliament. Both committed themselves to stay with Batkivshchyna, and this the first obligation to his voters which Andriy Tabalov named in his election programme.

New regulations on registration of MPs not working

On 12 December 12 MPs did not register: 3 from the Party of the Regions; 3 from Batkivshchyna; 1 from UDAR; and 5 officially independent MPs.

As for written registration, CHESNO writes that before the evening session on 12 December, 64 MPs were either absent or failed to follow the proper procedure.  38 MPs from the Party of the Regions; 14 from Batkivshchyna; 5 from the Communist Party; 3 from UDAR;  and 4 from officially independent MPs  (party breakdown is roughly similar).

Half the candidates who put themselves forward and members of small parties joined the Party of the Regions

25 MPs out of 50 who entered parliament as putting themselves forward or from marginal parties joined the Party of the Regions.  Only in 7 electoral regions where the said MPs were standing for office did the Party of the Regions win a majority. In the other 18 the Party of the Regions’ candidate list did not get more than 22% of the votes.

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