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MPs quietly reinstate generous benefits


Photo: Hrabarska, CHESNO

Via the Law on the 2013 Budget, MPs have effectively reinstated their (generous) benefits. The journal Focus cites MP from the opposition Batkvshchyna Party Andriy Pyshny as explaining that whereas the 2012 Budget included a norm suspending a number of articles in the Law on the Status of a National Deputy [MP] pertaining to MPs’ benefits, there was no suggestion of suspending them in 2013.  

The MPs can thus expect around 30 thousand UAH worth of benefits relating to healthcare, free treatment in sanatoriums, as well as money towards creating “proper living conditions”.

Former MPs will also get financial assistance; free treatment in elite clinics; transport; and, if they die, be buried at the State’s expect.

Pyshny also asserts that the amount set aside for the Office of the Verkhovna Rada in the 2013 Budget of 876 million UAH was in fact increased in the final version (passed with already customary haste by the ruling majority, and not yet in the public domain) by another 60 million UAH. 

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