Journalist sued for revealing deputy’s criminal record


A deputy from the Kosiv District Council has taken Ruslan Kotsaba from the Internet publication Narodne OKO [The People’s EYE] to court for publishing information about his criminal record.

The court hearing is due on 23 January in the suit brought by Party of the Regions Deputy and tax police colonel, Vasyl Stroyich.

Ruslan Kotsaba informed that Vasyl Stroyich had falsified his employment record (a booklet each person has) and military ticket recording military service which, he says, was proven by a first instance court. 

“After receiving certain documents, the source of which, in accordance with current legislation, I do not intend to divulge, I ascertained that the head of the division for internal security was in fact a criminal in uniform. I demonstrated this with the relevant scanned documents which I posted on the Internet”.  The link given here is to what claims to be a sentence passed on Vasyl Stroyich.

Stroyich has taken the journalist to court, claiming defamation. Telekritika is awaiting commentary from Stroyich himself. 

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