Startling defamation win over slur on Hundai trains


   A court has apparently awarded Southern Railways 120 thousand UAH in compensation for the words that “Hundai” trains won’t run well. Southern Railways had taken its employees to court for a critical article in the newspaper Ukraina Moloda.

Oleksandr Abrosimov, Head of the relevant trade union found himself the respondent in this law suit after telling a Ukraina Moloda journalist that there were corrupt setups on the railways; that there weren’t enough spare parts; that the new South Korean trains are not designed for Ukraine, like the very organization of high-speed trains.

Southern Railways deemed the words to be damaging to its reputation and apparently convinced the court of this.  The win comes against a background of scandal and public anger over the extremely expensive trains which would seem to have confirmed at least some of Abrosimov’s remarks.  At present more than 400 passengers are seeking compensation for disrupted travel plans and criticism is being voiced at government level. 

The union has appealed the ruling and is adamant that time has proven the truth of the criticism voiced.

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