Freedom of Speech rating also slumps


The international NGO Reporters without Borders reports that Ukraine which is holding the Chair of the OSCE at present saw a significant increase in violence against journalists in 2012.  In its Press Freedom Index published on 30 January, Ukraine has fallen 10 points and now stands at 126.  This is behind a number of other post-Soviet republics: Estonia (11); Lithuania (33rd place); Latvia (39); Moldova (55); Armenia (74); Georgia (100); Kyrgystan (106) and Tajikistan (123).

The only comfort that Ukraine’s leaders could glean from the results, but absolutely should not, is that other post-Soviet republics are worse.

Russia has fallen from 142 to 148;

Azerbaijan has moved up 6 places but is still at a shocking 156’

Belarus rose 11 places to 157;

Kazakhstan dropped 6 places to 160;

Uzbekistan has fallen 7 places to 167;

And Turkmenistan has remained in one of the three worst positions at 177, with only North Korea and Eritrea worse

The report can be read here

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