Plans to impose youth curfew in Cherkasy


  Deputies from the Cherkasy City Council are planning to impose a kind of curfew for teenagers. They want to stop them from being in public places at night if not accompanied by a parent.  They claim that this is to protect young people from “criminal activities”, abuse of alcohol and tobacco.  Specialists and deputies are however unable to agree from which age the restrictions should start. Cherkasy teenagers themselves say that such a curfew will not stop them.

From November to March after 22.00 and from April to October from 23.00, minors will not be allowed out on the streets, in entertainment establishments or any public places without their parents or those substituting them with the parents’ consent.  The parents can expect administrative penalties in the form of fines for breaches of the curfew.

At present the Mayor’s Office is unable to decide whether the curfew restrictions should apply up to the age of 16, or of 18. The draft decision says 18, but some are pushing for the lower age.

Cherkasy’s leaders are convinced that the restrictions will reduce juvenile crime which they say is a problem and over 30% of the overall amount of crime.  However according to police statistics in the Cherkasy oblast  during 2012 45 crimes were committed with minors taking part.  Most of these were committed by teenagers aged between 15 and 17 during the evening and at night.

From a report at Radio Svoboda 

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