Six UNIAN editors angered over anti-opposition MP smut


Six editors from the UNIAN website believe that the faked commentary from opposition MPs Serhiy Vlasenko and Oleksandra Kuzhel posted on their site were commissioned material [dzhynsa]/

The editors issued a statement on Tuesday in which they said that they are convinced that the UNIAN management is concealing something.  They do not know definitely who commissioned the material and can only make guesses.

They refer to the conflict in 2012 within UNIAN over censorship and are convinced that the General Director of the UNIAN agency and the Chief Editor bear responsibility. They say that all efforts to reach understanding with the management for the sake of the agency’s efficient work have been futile.

The UNIAN General Director Vadim Osadchy refused to comment on the statement.

Earlier the opposition Batkivshchyna Party stated that the UNIAN site had on 11 February posted faked statements from the MPs Oleksandra Kuzhel and Serhiy Vlasenko. The reports were at first removed from the UNIAN site and then reinstated. Osadchy is refusing to comment on this as well.

The Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Freedom of Speech, Mykola Tomenko has demanded that the UNIAN management explain the situation. 

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