Express newspaper upheld in wanting to know who shot at them


  The court has revoked the fifteenth refusal by the police to initiate a criminal investigation over the occasion when the Express newspaper office came under gunfire. The ruling was issued by Judge Hulieva in a Lviv district court following the latest of many law suits lodged by the newspaper’s journalists.

The court found that the police had not carried out the instructions from a court ruling on 14 November 2012.  They had not carried out an inspection of the flat from where the shots were fired, had not questioned witnesses nor investigated all possible versions regarding motives.

The police were ordered to begin an additional investigation.

Express believe that the actions of the police make it even more probable that it was police officers, either former or current, who carried out the shooting. The journalists say that they are preparing documents on the phenomenal inaction of the police for a Ukrainian Book of Records. 

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