More support for EU than Customs Union in a referendum


According to a survey by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation and Kyiv International Sociology Institute, if a referendum were held now 59% of Ukrainian citizens would support joining the EU and 41% would vote against.

11.5% would ignore such a referendum.  The others were undecided.

If the question of Ukraine joining the Customs Union with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, 57.5% would vote for; 42.5% against. 11.1% would not take part.

If asked to choose between the EU and the Customs Union, 51.9% would support the EU, while 48.1% would support joining the Customs Union.

Only in the East of the country would a majority – 60% - support joining the Customs Union. In the South – 48.8%; the Centre – 39.3% and the West – 20%.

The greatest support for the EU was found in Western Ukraine (66.8%).

There was also a majority of young people in support of the EU in all parts of Ukraine. 

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