Huge amounts spent on guarding Donetsk judges


Police divisions in the Donetsk oblast from 7-15 August signed agreements with the winners of tenders for electronic equipment costing 12, 96 million UAH [1 EUR = roughly 10.5 UAH].  The civic watchdog Nashi Hroshi [Our Money] cites the Public Procurement Herald for its information and says that the security section of the Donetsk Regional Police will pay 9.11 million UAH from the local budget.

Of this amount 8.86 million UAH will go to the limited liability company NTP Kronos for security and fire systems; infrared monitors of movement; devices detecting movement and broken glass; as well as devices notifying if windows or doors are opened and blocking them in the case of unlawful entry; surveillance cameras and similar; alarms; gas, flooding detectors and others. The rest of the money, for similar expenses, will go to one other firm.

Mariupol is to receive similar equipment to the tune of 3.85 million UAH.

As reported, (see Looking after Ukraine’s Judges ) on 6 March a Cabinet of Ministers draft law was registered in parliament.  The draft bill drawn up by the Justice Ministry proposes amendments to legislation aimed at strengthening state protection of judges and their close relatives.

The bill would, for example, extend the list of people in the Law on the Judicial System and Status of Judges eligible for special security measures, with close family members and relatives being added.

The bill also proposes a ban on divulging any information about a judge by the authorities, businesses, institutions, organizations, and individuals who learned the information through their official activities.

The amount envisaged for protecting judges would be 400 million UAH. 

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