Terms of imprisonment upheld for anti-Yanukovych graffiti


The Sumy Regional Court of Appeal has upheld the sentence against members of the “Black Committee” for their posters with Yanukovych on them.  The original sentence was issued on 14 January.

While there seem to have been other charges laid against some activists, the Black Committee asserts that Volodmyr Nykolenko was only charged in connection with the poster which, as can be seen, shows somebody clearly similar to Yanukovych with what appears to be a bullet in the forehead.   The court of appeal has upheld a one year term of imprisonment for what presumably the court considered an offence.  The 18 month sentence against Ihor Hanenko was similarly upheld.

The Black Committee asserts that the Judge, before  reading out his verdict, went into the consulting chamber for five minutes and returned with a printed sentence and, amid cries of “shame!” proceeded to read it out. 

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