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After ignoring the total lack of evidence and sentencing three young men to 14 and 15 years imprisonment over the 2010 Church bomb in Zaporizhya, Judge Minasov has gone on holiday without providing a copy of the judgement.  Since there is a 15 day time limit for lodging appeals, and the clock began ticking on 2 April, this is a clear infringement which the defence will appeal against in court. 

Unfortunately the experience so far in this shocking case does not inspire one to confidence and a decision may need to be made as to what to do. 

As reported, since there was quite simply no evidence to convict the men, and the fact that they have retracted their multiple “confessions”, Minasov spent a lot of time during the announcement of the judgement citing a third forensic psychology assessment and its assessment of smiles and gestures as demonstrating “inclination to crime”,   Minasov had refused to call all three forensic psychologists in to be questioned. The defence’s application for this was entirely understandable given that the first two assessments found serious psychological pressure which they demonstrated through examples. The third assessment was ordered by Judge Minasov after the second confirmed the first. 

More detail can be found in No Miracle, No Justice here and on Kyiv Post

Please also see Lost in SIZO and No Duress? below for some examples of why the first two forensic psychologists concluded that the men had been subjected to pressure.

Any help in drawing attention to this case would be warmly welcomed!

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