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High Court sees no problem with travelling opposition-less parliament


The High Administrative Court on Friday found that the “Verkhovna Rada” which held a meeting on 4 April on Bankova St and not in the Verkhovna Rada buildings was able to pass laws. It stated that the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada and the President may sign the acts produced on that day.

The Court’s logic is that over half the MPs – 244 - were present.

This very point has been disputed and could not be checked since opposition MPs were actually prevented from entering the building where the meeting was taking place.

As reported, on 4 April with the opposition blocking the parliamentary tribune over the ruling majority’s refusal to call long overdue elections in Kyiv some members of the Party of the Regions, communists and officially non-affiliated MPs decided to hold a “parliamentary session” on Bankova St. 

It is not clear whether the ruling on Friday was in response to the suit brought by Roman Doludaryov, head of the Donetsk Lusador Law Firm.  He had demanded that the session be declared illegitimate and any normative acts voted on – invalid.

He especially pointed to the amendments made to the Law on the 2013 Budget which put the Ministry of Income and Excise in charge of 5 billion 888 million UAH.

The list of other laws rejected or passed that day with direct implications for Ukraine’s ongoing failure to properly combat corruption can be found here.

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