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today 01.10.2016 18:36
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Azarov: EU will be to blame for Association failure

09.11.13 | www.ostro.org

Answering questions from journalists after a Party of the Regions conference in Donetsk on Saturday, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov suggested that the EU will be to blame if “because of dubious demands over Tymoshenko” the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is not signed

Azarov was asked if he wanted the Agreement signed.  His response:

“Who is doing everything for it to be signed?  … The president and government are doing everything for this. But I want to say the following. If anyone has the audacity, and this applies in the first instance to European politicians, to place the fate of our country on the same scales, such an important political decision and a very dubious demand regarding Tymoshenko, dubious from the legal point of view, and from any other, then they will take upon themselves a great responsibility. And that will not be our responsibility”. 

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