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today 26.09.2016 11:47
(by Kyiv time)


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Traffic police prevent Euromaidan protesters reaching Kyiv


  Reports are again coming in of traffic police used to prevent minivans with Euromaidan supporters from setting off for Kyiv, while those apparently brought by coaches for a counter-demonstration encounter no difficulty.

Ukrainska Pravda cites members of the opposition Batkivshchyna party who assert that in Kirovohrad coaches carrying over 150 people were stopped by traffic police and prevented from leaving the city.  The people were forced to make their own way to the capital.

The party headquarters in Chernihiv reports that similar blockages during the morning prevented people using public minivan transport from leaving Chernihiv.

They also assert that the authorities are gathering young people from the Chernihiv oblast and bring them to the capital.  They say that around 5 or 6 coach-loads are being collected in this way from each city.

The police also stopped a coach near Pivdennoukrainsk carrying parliamentary hopeful Arkady Kornatsky and people planning to take part in Euromaidan in Kyiv.  The pretext,

According to the Mykolaiv website was that there had been an anonymous report that there was a bomb on board. 


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