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today 27.09.2016 16:50
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Bohoslavska points finger at Party of the Regions for provocation


Photo: Korrespondent.net

MP Inna Bohoslovska, who left the Party of the Regions faction on Nov 30 in protest over the violent dispersal of EuroMaidan, has said that the provocation on Bankova St, near the President’s Administration could have been organized by the Party of the Regions. 

She told Ukrainska Pravda that she knows somebody who saw the same athletic young men who were standing on Mariynsky Park on Nov 29 at the Kyiv Hotel sharing out money.  She says that they were paid 250 UAH each. As reported, some of those young men, believed to be hired as thugs for beating people up, provocations, etc, took part in two assaults on journalists – from Hromadskie.tv and Channel 5.  She adds that she is convinced that these were the same methods applied on May 18 which were also organized by those in power.  On May 18 the Party of the Regions brought in huge numbers of people for an “antifascist” rally at the same time as a long-planned opposition “Rise Ukraine” rally (see “Dangerous Antifascist Card”)

It should probably be kept in mind that Bohoslovska has just left the Party of the Regions and may have her own agenda.  She asserts that Andriy Klyuev is responsible for all these mass actions (involving provocation) and also that a year ago the Party of the Regions considered using provocation by football fans. She also asserts that there is a party at work in the President’s Administration “which has always been linked with [Viktor] Medvedchuk and Russian money”.

Ukrainska Pravda notes that Dmytro Korchynsky was seen outside the President’s Administration on Sunday and his people are believed to have been involved in fairly overt provocation which led to violent confrontation with Berkut riot police.  Ukrainska Pravda says that “Korchynsky is on the Party of the Regions side, at least during election campaigns”

From information on Ukrainska Pravda

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