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today 26.09.2016 23:45
(by Kyiv time)


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All Bankova prisoners should be released by Friday if amnesty law has any meaning


A call to come to the court on Friday and support Prytulenko

Court hearings are due on Friday regarding the cases of four men whose arrests and detention are directly linked with the EuroMaidan protests:  Road Control journalist Andriy Dzyndzya; his lawyer Viktor Smaliy; AutoMaidan activist Volodymyr Kadura; and Yaroslav Prytulenko (Details about each case here: New Year in Prison for Peaceful Protest)

Prytulenko’s hearing is at 10.00 on Friday morning in the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv.  According to his lawyer, Vitaliy Kasko, the period stipulated by the amnesty law for all criminal proceedings initiated against participants in the protests expires on Jan 4, making Friday the last working day for the law to be enforced. Failure to release Prytulenko and the others will mean breach of the law. 

More about the law here and in the links below Given the will the amnesty law can be applied

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