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today 25.09.2016 18:44
(by Kyiv time)


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EuroMaidan activist assaulted in Dnipropetrovsk



Radio Svoboda reports an attack on Ihor Mashkevych, a Dnipropetrovsk activist who has also been helping collect humanitarian aid for the EuroMaidan in Kyiv.  According to Olha Mashkevych, his mother, and lawyer, Oleh was attacked by several assailants in a food shop at night.  He was hit a number of times on the head with a pipe and lost consciousness.  While he lay bleeding, his assailants fled.

The police were called, she says, but didn’t come.  The 23-year-old is now in hospital with concussion.  He needed 16 stitches.

The police have now formally initiated a criminal investigation under Article 125 of the Criminal Code – deliberately inflicting injuries.  His mother says she will be seeking to have the attack reclassified as hooliganism (Article 294) since the sentence is harsher.  

Photo: 9-channel.com

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