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today 28.09.2016 03:05
(by Kyiv time)


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Repression over AutoMaidan hits even those who werenít there


Lawyer Taras Huk reports on facebook that Serhiy Lukyanchuk, a driver who was not even on the AutoMaidan car procession to Mezhyhirya on Dec 29 has been stripped of his licence for 3 months.  

Huk says that traffic police arrived at his home twice and talked through the intercom system with his parents who gave no information. No summons was sent, yet then on Friday he received a court summons for Monday, Jan 13.  This means, he says, that the protocol was drawn up in Lukyanchuk’s absence and that the report was falsified since Lukyanchuk was in the Cherkasy oblast on Dec 29 which was confirmed in court by two witnesses.

Huk says that the court heard all details regarding the procedural infringements in the case, yet still stripped Lukyanchuk of his licence for 3 months.

The decision will be appealed.

On Jan 11, the Svyatoshynsky District Court in Kyiv stripped Vladislav Lysenko of his licence.  Lysenko took part in the car procession to Mezhyhirya, the residence privatized through shady corrupt setups.  All attempts to hold peaceful protests near the gates of the vast estate have been stopped since Viktor Yanukovych came to power through court bans, administrative imprisonment of those who did turn up, Berkut riot police and other officers illegally dressed so that there is no idea who they are, and since Jan 29 actions by the traffic police. 

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