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today 01.10.2016 20:13
(by Kyiv time)


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Courts strip AutoMaidan activists of their licences without any grounds


AutoMaidan activists warn of their intention to apply to the European Court of Human Rights if courts continue to strip them of their driving licences for taking part in the car procession to the presidentís residence at Mezhyhirya on Jan 29.

As reported, following the car rally which the police initially had tried to block, activists and journalists began receiving visitations from traffic police officers or being called in for a ďchatĒ.† The officers claimed that they were investigating the alleged failure of participants in the car procession to stop at the demand of police officers.†

Unfortunately, the courts have shown no interest in receiving grounds for punitive measures, and have already stripped several of the participants of their licence for 3 or 6 months.

AutoMaidan co-founder Dmytro Bulatov warns that since it is now the courts who are fulfilling criminal orders, rather than police officers, they are prepared to exhaust all legal remedies in Ukraine and then apply to the court in Strasbourg.

Ukrainska Pravda says that at least 2, 080 cars have had reports drawn up regarding supposed failure to stop when demanded. The latest person to be stripped of her licence is Ludmila Shvets, whose daughter Olha is an AutoMaidan activist. Despite the fact that Ludmila Shvets was on duty in a hospital on Dec 29, the court still stripped her of her licence.†

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