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today 28.09.2016 16:46
(by Kyiv time)


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Access to Channel 5 blocked


Channel 5 which has consistently broadcast the truth about EuroMaidan, about repressive measures by the authorities and about the events unfolding now is experiencing a huge DDoS attack. There are probably other reasons also why the channel is going off air throughout the country. It is currently trying to change servers and in the meantime can be watched here:


Please pass the address on to others.

Under the current regime, most TV channels, including state-owned UTV-1 have become notorious for muffling or distorting information about what is happening. The reports from the authorities about what is presently taking place on Maidan in Kyiv are also wildly dishonest. Sending Berkut, interior ministry troops with weapons, water cannon and other means against some 20 thousand civilians is no ‘anti-terrorist’ action.

It is vital that channels which continue to tell the truth are supported. Please pass the YouTube live stream address on to others.  Other sources of information can be found here: 


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